Under glass finger print Sensor

In glass Finger Print Sensor

The unlocking procedure in smart phones had been the main topic during the year 2017.The main discussion was around the facial ID unlocking method presented by Iphone X.The face ID method was well executed but it had its short comings.It was effected by light,sun glasses and took more time then touch id. The touch ID is a highly efficient way of unlocking a device it is responsive and reliable.

The placement of the touch ID is also a huge topic of debate.Some companies likes LG and Samsung prefer it in the back some on the side and some in the front with the power button.The race between the different companies is to maximize the screen size of the phone.In glass finger print sensor is the future.Such a sensor take no space is often placed behind the screen it is helpful in maximizing the size of the screen.



So the infinity display and the bezels less smart phone screen of the future seems to get this big bump with this innovation.Synaptic has come with one of the first in glass finger print sensor.It is a glimpse in the future of what the device are going to be like in the future.

How does it work ?

The FS 9500 sensor by synaptic is placed under the screen.The phone to come up with this sensor is the Vivo X20.The sensor only works with omled displays.The light is generated by the screen on the finger and is reflected back to the sensor just like a camera.The sensor then verifies the finger print by comparing it with the data base.The whole process take close to a second.So the process take a little longer then then touch id.The responsiveness a time delay will improve with future generation of this technology.



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