Harry Potter Hogwards Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery (Game)

Harry Potter Hogwards Mystery

A big fan of the harry potter series ? Did you always wanted to be a part of the harry potter world ? Try on different spells and live the adventure.Well if the answer to all the above question is YES then you are in luck.A new game by the name of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has been launched by Warner Brothers.The game is available on both the android and IOS.The game has quickly gained popularity and is on No 1 in the adventure game genre.The game begins before Harry had joined hogwarts and after the death of harry’s parents.

The game is role play type.First you can chose the features of your avatar in great detail.You can make it even to look like yourself .All the familiar characters of the harry potter world are present.Real time decision making makes the game more interesting.After the avatar is finalized you will be sorted in houses which are you free to chose from the four houses.You will then learn to cast spells and make potions.The best news that the game is free to download and play.You can download harry potter hogwarts mystery apk directly from the play store.

You can watch Harry potter hogwarts mystery gameplay by Clare Siobhan below.

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