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Game of Thrones Conquest You Live or you Die

Game of thrones final season is the most awaited thing ever.The final 6 episodes are likely to be delayed till 2019 however we have some good news for the Game of throne fans.You can now quench your thirst until with the all new game of throne conquest game.Game of thrones conquest APK is available on the play store.The game is created by Warner Bros.Interactive Entertainment.So now you can be a part of the seven kingdoms and can rule on the iron throne from the palm of hand.Game of thrones conquest release date was October 19.Game of thrones conquest download file size is around 73mb.Game of thrones conquest IOS and android version both are free

Cercie Lannister: When you play the game of thrones you live or you die.

Game of thrones conquest game play

If you are familiar with clash of clans and other games in which you build and conquer this game is very similar.The good news you get to join Danny,Jon snow,Tyrion lanister and lord Varys.So build your house and raise your army the iron throne is there for the taking.A set of orders are flashed on the screen and you start building farms and train soldiers.You collect wood,gold and wheat and can make your own banner.The more you play the more lord xp and power points you get.The sound and the map transitions will drag you in the world of game of thrones.You get additional reward for each type of building upgrade a quest completed.

There is still room for improvement as well the symbolic transition of fighting troops make the game less exciting and engaging.We hope that the representation of troops is improved in any further update.

Here is a video of the game play as well





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