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Apple Face Scanner Performance: In Depth Review

Apple took a whole different approach when it comes to unlocking the phone.For the first time apple used an AMOLED screen and had no physical button on the IPHONE X.The absence of the physical button meant that there was no finger scanner on the IPHONE X as well.Instead there was a bar on the top making a strange aesthetic.iphone X barThe bar on the top house all the important sensors that includes the dot projector,7MP Camera, microphone, speaker, ambient light sensor,flood illuminator proximity sensor and the infrared camera.With the help of all these sensors apple made face id as the main method to unlock the Iphone 10.The face ID use 30000 points on your face to MAP an exact picture.There is also an active unlocking option that make sure that your phone opens only when you are looking at it.


It’s not just unlocking the facial id like the touch id is also used as face pay.So such a payment must be really secure. The huge scare came for apple when the facial recognition failed on the apple launch event.The apple authorities later mentioned that the failure was due to some other person had set up the facial recognition in the background.

After the launch of the iPhone X it was indeed clear that the facial recognition issue was not as bad as it seemed.The iPhone X facial recognition worked seamlessly and with a simple swipe the phone unlocked.With the help of all the sensors the phone had no issue in recognizing correctly in the dark with hat.The iPhone X is also intelligent enough to track your face changes.A person growing up a beard gradually will get recognized.Any major change such as in the case of beard to a complete shave will take some scans to be recognized.The facial recognition works with most type of glasses.So as soon as the face is not being obstructed the facial recognition work seamlessly.

Two persons who look-alike will not be able to unlock the phone however in case of identical twins it is possible to unlock the phone.

The Verdict

The iPhone face id is very consistent so if you don’t have an identical twin it is very much secure and can be used seamlessly.

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